Frequently asked questions

Do You Have Any Free Maps Of The Area?

We've partnered with Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, a local company here in St. George that made an incredible map free of charge! Here is the link:

How Does It Work?

So glad you asked! First, pick a spot you want to explore. We bring the machine to the trailhead, and then return to pick it up when you are done. We can take care of cleaning and refiilling the machines with gas for you! So Easy!

What Do I Do If I Only Have A Rental Car?

Don't worry! If you can't pull/tow the machine, we can most likely deliver it for you FREE of charge! We deliver the machines free of charge to Sand Hollow State Park, Quail State Park, and Warner Valley.

Can You Deliver The Machines?

Yes! We deliver for FREE to Sand Hollow State Park, Quail State Park, Warner Valley and more! Call and let us know where you will be exploring.

Do I Have To Haul/tow The Machines Myself?

No! We Deliver for FREE to many locations and trails. Including Sand Hollow State Park, Warner Valley, and Quail State Park. You may haul the machine on a trailer as well if you'd like.

When Can I Pick Up Or Drop Off My Rental?

The best part about our service is that you can pick up and drop off the rental when it's convenient to you! We work with your schedule and time frame.

What Is The Condition Of Your Equipment?

We pride ourselves in carrying the best equipment in town. We have the latest and greatest machines that will allow you to have a worry free adventure!

Can You Clean The Machine And Trailer For Us If We Run Short On Time?

Yes. It is required that you clean the machines and trailers before you return them at the end of the rental period. However, we can clean the machine and trailer for you if you desire for $25 per machine.

Do The Machines Have Storage For Food, Water, And Clothing?

Yes, there is room on the back of the machines for an Ice Chest. Also, there is plenty of room in the machines for backpacks and other items. We do not allow you to strap fuel to any of our machines as this is a hazard to your safety.

How Long Will The Machines Last On A Single Tank?

The time and distance our machines will last depends on the driving style, terrain, and payload. However, most of the time, full tank should last a full day. All machines have gas gauges for your convenience.